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Getting Started

Human development is a passion of mine regardless if it happens on a personal everyday level, in a business setting, or in a major transition.

My coaching rests on the fundamental belief that all people have unique strengths, talents and qualities as well as an innate ability - an inner guide - to create a fulfilling life for themselves. Sometimes strengths, abilities, and the inner guide are clouded or not fully utilized. Perhaps we are aware of what we have available to us and we'd love to continue develop these gifts. Maybe we have the feeling we'd like to change something but don't know what. Sometimes we're going through a great transition in life.

The coaching process allows us to work on our development in all of these situations in a productive, inspiring, fun and often surprising way. I work with the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP®) - an innovative and powerful personality inventory as a part of every coaching relationship and it has proven to give a lot of value and fast results to my clients. CORE MAP® can also be done as a standalone consulting service without entering a coaching relationship.

Those I work with originally often approach me with a desire to:

  • Handle a big transition in life such as an international move or a career change
  • Find out what their real strengths are
  • Discover more about who they are
  • Improve business results
  • Improve relationships
  • Develop leadership skills or other specific skills
  • Change something in life
  • Enjoy everyday life
  • Make an important decision

On these pages you'll find more about coaching, about the coach, how to start the process, how to choose a coach. Hopefully you'll leave inspired about coaching and interested in finding out how we can best work together by booking a taster session.